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It’s my writing morning and with it I have paired my first exploration of silence.  Having settled into the room, books, pen and paper splayed out before me, I sit slumped against the pillows.  The words just aren’t coming and I feel despondent.  I begin to fear that as I shut down my voice all words will escape me, a daunting thought for a writer.  The wild slamming of the neighbour’s screen door and the pounding of her feet on the driveway asphalt shocks me out of my stupor. It’s not long before another sound sets my nerves on fire—the sound of my neighbour’s voice.  It’s a roar, a blood-curdling roar aimed at her dog that has escaped the confines of the backyard and has gone for a bit of a stroll.  This violent roar is supposed to encourage the dog to come back home.  Checking in with myself I notice that my heart is pounding and the whoosh of rushing blood fills my ears.  I am terrified and can’t decide whether I want to run from the situation or attack my neighbour in an attempt to stop the yelling.  I can only imagine how the poor dog feels.

What kind of plan is this, to scream someone or something back into our lives?  How can we possibly believe this is an effective course of action?  Sitting in silence, I realize this approach to things is ludicrous but it’s one we so often follow.  “GET OVER HERE, RIGHT…NOW,” mothers scream for their children to come home.  Not exactly a warm invitation into a safe environment, is it?  “DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT TO ME AGAIN!  YOU HAD ME SO SCARED,” we yell at a child who has wandered out of our sight.  Not as scared as the child is right now with you yelling.

It was a reluctant dog that followed my neighbour back into the house leaving me to silently wonder:  Would she not have had an easier time enticing the dog towards her if she had spoken with softness and compassion?  What would happen to our relationships in general if we reached out to one another in a kind and loving way?

Silence challenge of the week: Take yourself out to a public place (a park, coffee shop, shopping mall, etc.), sit silently in a busy area and notice the conversations happening around you.  Ask yourself these questions:  How are people speaking with one another?  What is the quality of the words being used?  Are they terse or flowing?  Positive or negative?  Loving or mean?  Do they connect the participants or separate them?  How does the tone of voice impact the experience?  How do these words affect your body when you hear them?  Simply sit in the sea of words and notice what’s going on all around you.

(Picture borrowed from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s Facebook page:  click here .)

In peace (and quiet 😉 ),


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