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I am a professional worrier from a long line of worriers.  When I’m not worrying, I worry about why I’m not worrying.  There so SO MUCH to worry about!  Taxes.  My funeral arrangements.  Hitting the highway before traffic gets crazy (hahaha  As if there’s ever a time anymore!).  Will they have ginger at the grocery store?  I lose sleep over these things!

And when I’m done with me, I start worrying about you.  How’s your liver doing?  Your pancreas?  Is it still working okay?  Will you ever catch a  break from the things that threaten to break you?  What about your taxes?  Funeral arrangements?

It’s exhausting and utterly absurd and I KNOW this.  Still, I can’t seem to stop it.  And then I started reading Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness.  In it, Silver speaks of worry, about the dangers of spreading worry, and she offers an antidote – blessings. 

I’ve decided to give it a try.  I’d like to share an excerpt from Silver’s essay on worry and blessings,  but instead of typing aaaaaaaaaall of it out, I thought I’d read it to you.  I hope it proves helpful.

Excerpt from Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness – “No Worry, Send Blessings”

May you be blessed.  May your loved ones be blessed.  May all that exists be blessed.



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