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Human Drama Addict (HDA):  *sigh*  Ahhhh!  Nice and quiet in here.  Peaceful even.  Lookit the bear, sleeping all nice nice.  Isn’t he cute?…….I wanna touch him.

Ancient Wisdom Mind (AWM):  Don’t touch the bear.

HDA:  But he’s so cute when he sleeps….He is sleeping, right?  (HDA closely observes bear for signs of respiration.)

AWM:  DO NOT TOUCH THE BEAR!  Leave him alone!

HDA:  But I’m not sure he’s breathing.  Can you see that?  Look!  I don’t see his chest moving, do you?  What if he’s…(gulp)…..DEAD?!!!

AWM:  Don’t touch the bear!

HDA:  He looks dead.  What if he’s dead?  (HDA bends to pick up sharp, pointy stick.)

AWM:  PUT THAT DOWN!  Do…not…poke…the…bear!

HDA:  I need to know if he’s dead.  I won’t rest until I know.  I mean, what if he’s NOT dead and he suddenly comes up to get me?  Now I’m afraid he’ll do that.  I need to check to make sure he’s dead.

AWM:  I’m warning you.  Put down that stick and walk away.  Do not TOUCH that bear.

HDA:  I need to check.  I need to know.  I’m going in.  Cover me.


Human Drama Addict does not heed Ancient Wisdom Mind’s voice and inches towards the bear.  Slowly.  Closer….and closer.  

Quick lightening strike with the stick.



Not Moving Bear (NMB)

Nudge, shove, roll….pokepoke………….POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKE………….RUN

Not Moving Bear suddenly becomes Very Cranky Bear as it tears after the one who obnoxiously woke it from its restful sleep.

As Human Drama Addict runs past Ancient Wisdom Mind, she exclaims, “But I HATE drama!  Whyyyyyyyyyyy is there so much drama in my life?  It’s just not faaaaaair.”

Mournfully, Ancient Wisdom Mind shakes her head and sighs, “I told you:  Do not poke the bear.”

The moral of the story is:  DO NOT POKE THE BEAR.  

It’s just that simple.

The End


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