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I got into it last week with someone I know about whether it was even remotely useful to include Sanskrit terms in Western classes, or whether it was a colossal waste of time. Much to my surprise I found myself “overheated” and going over the edge with the whole thing.  I always find those experiences fascinating.  They stand as a beacon pointing me towards something that runs deep within me, so I followed.  I worked my way through the initial power struggle I was having with my co-debater.  I dug past statements about the Divine and the healing force of sound buried within each utterance.  And finally this is what I found, a gem hidden within lines on my Facebook page:

I guess, when I get clear with myself, it’s the Western expectation that everything needs to be dumbed down, even the spiritual path. The message behind that is: You’re too stupid to understand so let me baby you through this. What happens when we lower the bar is that we start becoming the “stupid” the world expects us to be… I say RAISE the bar for students. Walk with them through the fear, through the discomfort of learning something foreign, through the expectation of failure, through the laziness of mind, etc., instead of patronizing them and saying, “There, there, dear, let me get you the plastic scissors with the round tips and a helmet so you don’t hurt yourself.” Fuck it. Hurt yourself and then rise up! Learn that you CAN.

As a teacher, as a friend, as a fellow human being on this twisted human path, I will hold out more for you than you can currently imagine for yourself because I believe there is far more that you’re capable of than you’re letting on.  So I’m keeping the Sanskrit terms in my classes.  I’ll meet you there and together we can muddle our way through the tongue-ties and the complexities and maybe, after we stumble countless times, we’ll begin to understand, to see what’s behind it all.  Maybe, together, we’ll figure this stuff out.  🙂  But if we fall, we will get up, you and I, together, and we’ll try again.  Because we can.  Because that’s all there is to do.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.  (The sacred seed sound of OM….peace…peace…peace.)



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