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I never anticipated when I started running my own business that I would face an identity crisis like no other.  I began this site as Twisted Positions; it was my way to teach by prompting people to twist things up and look at them differently.  Plus it was kind of a cool connection to the twisty path of Yoga.  As the business began to mature and I read and (sadly) listened to the “experts” in the field of marketing and all things business, I thought my site name should “mature” as well.  I mean, what did twisting things around have to do with Reiki and my other creative pursuits?  *sigh*  So I changed my name to Peace Is Within You. That just sounded so much more….reasonable.


And while it’s a great name, I can’t stand it.  So I am circling back to my roots and my original intent–to twist things around, to encourage others to do the same for themselves, and, hopefully, in this way, to find freedom from suffering.

Twisted Positions.  In the famous words of Regis Philbin, “Final answer?”  Yes, Reg, final answer.  In the world of the interweb 😉 I am Twisted Positions.

What’s in a name?  EVERYTHING!  May you always remember who you are if ever you lose sight.

Many blessings,


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