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gone fishing


I was first introduced to the notion of not practicing as part of an active practice in Jon Kabat Zinn’s book Wherever You Go, There You Are. The very watered down summary is essentially that you cannot fully understand the value of a practice and what it does for you and your life until and unless you stop the practice.  Using yoga as an example, a practitioner cannot really understand what yoga has done for her body, mind and soul, unless she’s been away from the mat for a time.  Then she can witness her body’s aches and pains, her mind’s neuroses and whirring reality, and her sense of disconnection from spirit, to name a few things.  Conversely, when she returns to the mat, she can witness the suffering moving out of her.

Well, folks, today is my quasi day of non-doing.  It has been a long, grey winter and, as one who is not fond of the cold, it has led to many months of being cooped up inside.  The beginning of Spring has proven to be quite soggy.  Today, however, is a moment of reprieve where the sun is shining brightly and the outdoors are simply begging me to come out and play.  Okay, it’s more like my nose is pressed up against the glass and I’m calling out, “Can I, Mum, hunh?  Can I, can I go outside?”  The garden beckons and, just for today, I must obey; the clouds and the rain are scheduled to roll in again starting tomorrow.

So, I honour my dedication to my writing, to this blog, to you, the reader, enough to come in and lovingly say, “I’ve gone fishing.”  May you also have the opportunity to “go fishing” when your heart and soul need it the most.

Many blessings and much love,


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