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I am a professional worrier from a long line of worriers.  When I’m not worrying, I worry about why I’m not worrying.  There so SO MUCH to worry about!  Taxes.  My funeral arrangements.  Hitting the highway before traffic gets crazy (hahaha  As if there’s ever a time anymore!).  Will they have ginger at the grocery store?  I lose sleep over these things!

And when I’m done with me, I start worrying about you.  How’s your liver doing?  Your pancreas?  Is it still working okay?  Will you ever catch a  break from the things that threaten to break you?  What about your taxes?  Funeral arrangements?

It’s exhausting and utterly absurd and I KNOW this.  Still, I can’t seem to stop it.  And then I started reading Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness.  In it, Silver speaks of worry, about the dangers of spreading worry, and she offers an antidote – blessings. 

I’ve decided to give it a try.  I’d like to share an excerpt from Silver’s essay on worry and blessings,  but instead of typing aaaaaaaaaall of it out, I thought I’d read it to you.  I hope it proves helpful.

Excerpt from Tosha Silver’s Outrageous Openness – “No Worry, Send Blessings”

May you be blessed.  May your loved ones be blessed.  May all that exists be blessed.



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I was sitting outside yesterday, bogged down by feelings left behind by a disturbing dream.  It was loud back there, the air full of bird-song.  I thought back to a year ago when we first moved in to this house.  The backyard was overgrown, dark and desolate.  Nothing seemed to live back there except the most annoying maple trees that blocked the light and sucked all of the nutrients out of the ground.  You could hear birds up high in the trees but there was no reason for them to visit.  The absence of bird life made me shudder so out came the feeders.  One year later, the yard is alive with more goldfinches than I’ve ever seen in my life.  And somehow this gets me to worrying.

I worry a lot.  In fact, I think I live in a perpetual state of fear and angst, which gets worse over the winter as I’m stuck inside the house and inside my own head.  As the season is primed to change, to burst into Spring, I think it’s as good a time as any to fling open the windows of my mind, as it is to open the windows of the house.  Let’s get some air in here!

I don’t share this to burden you.  I’m not really looking for answers (unless you have them…hahaha). But sometimes, despite your best efforts, nothing works except to share.  So here I am opening the windows to what worries me most these days.

  • I worry that one day I might find myself in a situation where I will no longer hear the birds.
  • I worry that the cost of living will rise to such an extent that that I will be forced to live in a horrid and tiny place that denies me access to the ground (a yard).  I won’t be able to grow beautiful things.  I won’t be able to watch the birds and the creatures.  I won’t be able to smell the earth.  I’ll be stuck in a horrible pod, jammed in with a million other people living in their pods.
  • I worry about the long term effects of looking down at a screen all the time.  What will this do to our self-esteem to always be looking down?  What will this do to our ability to dream if we can’t look up at the sky?  
  • I worry that if we raise children in tiny pods (condos, apartments, townhouses with no yards) they will become increasingly separated from the Earth.  They will not feel grounded or connected to things larger than themselves.  They will fear Nature.  Then who will take care of Her?  And where will they learn to find quiet, space and solace?
  • I especially worry these days that every last field, meadow, open natural space will be bulldozed to build houses that I’m not sure we really need.  Where will we grow our food if all of the land is gone?  Where will the animals and birds live?  What will happen to our hearts and souls if we’re surrounded by concrete and lights, and we can’t get away from each other EVER?  Where do we find peace?  How do we survive?

That last point is especially hard for me.  It actually makes my stomach churn.  I can’t breathe.

You know, I write these words and they feel so empty.  They cannot possibly capture the feelings that all of these thoughts conjure up.  My one teacher has complete faith in the evolution of things.  I don’t think he would lose one seconds’ sleep over any of this.  I aspire to be like that one day.  Until then, this is it.

How about you?  Do you worry?  Do you fear things?  Are you able to give it air?  To a journal, a therapist, a spiritual guide, a friend, a partner, to God Herself?  I hope you have a place where you feel safe and able to let some of your burdens go.  If not, well, let me offer up this space here.  I won’t provide you with answers, but my ears and heart are open, because I understand worry and I don’t wish it upon anyone.

May your burdens be eased.  May your heart be soft and full of compassion.  May your mind be relaxed.  May you be at peace.



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I don’t know about you but I am a chronic worrier. I know, I know, a Yoga teacher with chronic worry.  That’s stuff for another post.  😉  But it’s true, I worry….endlessly.  I worry that I will even worry myself into an early grave.  Nothing I’ve come across so far has really helped me with my worry.  Positive thinking surely has not.  Imagining scenes of puppy dogs and kitten cats?  Not a chance.

Today I came across this excerpt and I think this guy has some very interesting ideas.   Robert Leahy has some nice twists on dealing with worry and, as the name of this blog suggests, I’m all about twisting it up. I’m definitely going to give some of these things a try.  You may want to as well.



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